Independent Advice

Independent Advice on all critical power requirements

Secure Power Solution’s technical team has extensive practical experience in making sure the electrical infrastructure of a UPS product – both upstream and downstream – is robust enough to withstand any power outage or surge.

We believe the vital interaction between the UPS and the electrical infrastructure surrounding it is frequently overlooked, resulting in system failures. At Secure Power Solutions we understand and appreciate the importance of this interaction and create a set up that guarantees a consistent flow of quality power.

Our company works closely alongside electrical contractors, product integrators, resellers and data-centre managers, to provide independent, expert advice for both new and existing facilities. By not aligning ourselves with a particular supplier we can ensure our advice is unbiased and best suits your operation’s needs.

We have worked on numerous large-scale infrastructure projects in the areas of oil & gas (onshore and offshore), mining, hospitals, data centres, telecommunications, transportation (including airports, rail and tunnels), power stations, water utilities and commercial buildings. We have an intrinsic understanding of the needs of each sector and throughout our expert independent advice is tailored to meet the critical power needs required.

Secure Power Solutions liaises with electrical consulting engineers, facility engineers, electrical contractors, product integrators, resellers and data-centre managers to provide independent advice in this specialised field, for both new and existing facilities.

Our aim is to be as cost effective as possible and we will always operate within your company’s budget and time frame.