Commissioning and Testing


Commissioning and Testing

Site witness testing is a critical component in any project, as failures once a system is in service, will result in downtime and a costly
repair bill.

Secure Power Solutions have performed and overseen witness testing on numerous large projects and our competent experts are available for this service.

While we do not replace vendor commissioning of the UPS and batteries, we are frequently asked by the vendor to perform the commissioning due to our extensive expertise in this area.

Secure Power Solutions guarantees a reliable service after installation and so provides a thorough load bank testing service to ensure
a system is capable of delivering its specified capacity and to test the batteries are healthy.

This prevents any unexpected failure of the critical electrical system, including UPS and batteries. All battery backup must be reliable and our technicians’ checks will give you peace of mind.

Load testing can be carried out upon commissioning (highly recommended) and then at intervals to suit the maintenance scheduling relevant to the facility. Full reporting and documentation is provided following the tests and our team will advise your operation of any changes and replacements required.