Why would we use Secure Power Solutions? Can't we just use our product warranty?

Do you know what your warranty covers or how long it covers? How long will it take to get a replacement or a repair, assuming it can be repaired? Is your repair covered? Who do you call to request a repair? Where are they based? How long will it take to get in touch with them? Do you have your unique code on hand to even start the transaction?

There are so many factors that stack against you if your power or equipment fails. Having Secure Power Solutions on hand gives you one number to call for any of your power requirements. We’re local and available 24/7. We don’t require you to jump through hoops or to dig out paperwork to get you going again. Our priority is serving you and getting your business up and running as soon as possible.

I'm an IT provider. Can I use your services?

Yes, 100%! In fact, we can add value not just to you, but also to your customers. You can sell a package deal that includes servicing, which gives you credibility and the edge over other providers who don’t offer this solution. It’s security for you, and it’s security for your customers.

What other industries do you service?

If you need power, we can help! We work with industries from the energy and resources sector to hospitals, Government departments and IT providers. While we have many large-scale clients, we also service small to medium enterprises and get great joy from seeing them thrive with our help.

Where do you service?

Secure Power Solutions currently works exclusively in Australia and offshore Australia. We’re based in Perth, but have clients around the country and thanks to our virtual reality service, we’re able to virtually ‘be there’ even when we can’t physically be there! When COVID shutdowns prevented us from traveling to our interstate clients, we could still serve them from afar due to virtual reality technology. We could act as an ‘angel on the shoulder’ and walk them through a repair. This was beneficial in many ways:
it meant the company wasn’t waiting for us to be there in person;

• it meant the company wasn’t waiting for us to be there in person;
• we eliminated travel costs; and
• we were able to help upskill the client’s staff by virtually walking them through the repair process.

When would I use your services

We can identify what we class as ‘critical’ power to you. For example, in a hospital operating theatre, all power is critical. We know that if there’s an electrical issue, it could quite literally mean life or death. We bridge the gap between the power going off and any back-up power kicking in.

Maybe you’re part of a supply chain and need your software to be running to keep stock flowing correctly, or perhaps you own a small online business that relies on the internet to stay up and running. Whatever your critical power needs, we can help you identify them and then put a system in place to mitigate any potential difficulties.

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