State Government UPS installation

An IT systems integrator working for a State Government agency with remote locations from Bunbury to Carnarvon and South Hedland.

Our client had an opportunity to bid on work with the Government agency to supply and install new UPS systems at remote locations across Western Australia.

As a systems integrator, they were able to provide the hardware, but they didn’t have the skills in-house to deploy the solutions across the State. Without this skill set, they were unable to bid on the work. They needed an experienced partner that they could trust to work with them.

The Secure Power Solutions’ team worked with the client at the bid stage to identify and cost potential risks. Upon contract award, Secure Power Solutions’ technicians flew to the remote towns, decommissioned and removed the end-of-life UPS systems, then assembled and installed the new solution featuring the latest APC Lithium UPS and extended run batteries.

The old systems were made safe and taken to appropriate recycling centres or prepared for return to Perth if the locations didn’t have recycling facilities. The Secure Power Solutions’ team worked with the end user’s IT team to ensure the new system was connected to the IT network.

Partnering with Secure Power Solutions enabled the client to bid for (and win!) contracts they previously were ineligible to apply for.

Secure Power Solutions understood the end user’s requirements and was able to carry out both the electrical installation works and the configuration for the new system. This meant the customer didn’t have to send staff to remote sites, which saved them time while getting the expertise the needed.